Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
16 Oct, 2020
by Marco Castillo

New Fiber Internet Circuit in San Marcos will Benefit Local Business

San Marcos is now home to ZTelco's new microwave fiber internet tower site, located at 250 North City. This site can transmit a fiber internet signal to surrounding businesses wirelessly, without a lengthy installation. Only businesses who are connected to the ZTelco Network can access this blazing fast internet connection. Contact us to get connected.

Fiber Internet is in This Building

If you are in the surrounding community, take advantage of this fast fiber internet circuit, at a low monthly price, without any contracts or hidden fees. 

If You Have an Office Here, You are Guaranteed the Lowest Competitive Rate

Businesses in this building can easily switch internet service without the hassle of additional installation in their building or unit. The service is deployed and currently active. Contact ZTelco to connect your unit, and to access special pricing only available to commercial residents of this building and Type 1 buildings like it throughout San Diego County.

We guaranteed to beat any competitor's advertised price on business internet and business phone service 

New business customers in this building are guaranteed the best possible prices because we will beat our competitors' price to win your business.

This guarantee is only available in this building and other Tier 1 tower sites like it. To find out if you're in a Tier 1 building or if you're interested in turning your building into a Tier 1 building contact

We are Making an Impact in the San Marcos Business Community

Get fast and easy installation and a dedicated support staff to make sure your deployment is a success. Contact us to do a free site analysis at (858) 565-2155.

If you are business in this building or a business in the surrounding community, contact: or (858) 565-2155 to get connected.



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