Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
29 Jul, 2019
by Marco Castillo

Battling Internet and Phone Quality Loss as Business Grows

Experiencing a loss in internet or phone quality, is your phone and internet service not meeting expectations? It happens to all businesses not equipped with the tools needed to handle a growing business. As we continually upgrade our devices and softwares the need for faster internet speed becomes more apparent. It can start with simple things like an app not working the way it used to or a general slow down in download speeds. It is especially obvious when larger teams and those organizations that rely on heavy data use; multiple devices; and those managing international communications begin to see dropped calls and live conference video buffering. 

Continual Buffering and Delay

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.42.37 AMBusinesses that rely on video communications will begin to experience a need to upgrade their internet to faster internet speeds when buffering and signal delay becomes ever-more present in their day-to-day. And don't these things just tend to happen at the worst times, say during an international video conference? Having an entire team successfully join a conference in different continents is hard enough. Putting an entire team through a difficult conference experience can slow your performance and can ruin the entire meeting agenda. 

Conference Calls Getting Dropped

Dropped calls are a nightmare for sales, marketing, and customer service professionals. Being difficult enough as it is to connect in the first place, reconnecting after a dropped call can often be impossible. Equally worse is a poor signal that adversely affects voice quality. In international calls, failing to fully capture what is said and the tone in which things are said can cost a lot of money. To avoid miscommunications, voice quality is important, and this comes with a fast internet connection, and superior hardware.

Today's Businesses Need Superior Speed and Superior Hardware

The smart hardware you own today is only as smart as the speed in which it is communicating. Consider the uselessness of a device sending an urgent communication on a poor signal. Your message may never arrive. Businesses can't take this type of risk. Ensure you are using the latest hardware, capable of handling heavy use. 

Eliminate The Risk

With so much that can go wrong what's a business to do? "Is increasing my internet speed enough?" Some business customers need to eliminate these types of risks. Often these are organizations that are in deep competition or have a lot riding on maintaining a reliable connection. These businesses often require a custom solution in network redundancy. These solutions allow a business to stay connected even in the case of equipment failure. Customers taking advantage of our managed network services enjoy these types of benefits.

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