Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

    Get a Free WiFi Hotspot in Your Building or Property

    Learn how you can get a free fiber hotspot in your building when you connect your building with us.

    Special Summer Promotion for New Fiber Broadband Customers

    ZTelco is announcing our Summer promotion. This summer, new customers who get a qualifying plan can get a $100 or $500 Visa gift card.

    Faster than a Typical Fiber Network - Trust in the "Z" [Video]

    Learn how wireless microwave broadband works. With the ZTelco network, customers get top speeds utilizing an innovating new wireless solution.

    New Wireless Office Phones - Yealink W60P

    View the latest phone to our lineup of office phones. Introducing the Yealink W60P wireless office phone.

    How to Set up Your Business Phones 101

    Learn the basics to setting up your business phones. Do more with advanced transfers such as attended and blind transfers. Learn how to set up your voicemail and away messages. Learn to add yourself to the company directory.

    Why Your Super-Fast Internet is Super-Slow

    Learn about delay in your fiber internet connection and how you can eliminate delay and jitter for a faster internet connection for your business.

    The Accidental ISP, How ZTelco Filled the Data Void

    Learn how ZTelco grew to become a provider of the fastest wireless fiber broadband.

    Property Managers Avoiding Expensive Construction Cost

    Learn how property managers are saving on their voice and internet services by avoiding construction costs.

    Why Microwave is the Fastest Possible Internet Available

    How does the internet work and how do you get the fastest internet available? Get the fastest internet connection using Microwave technology.

    New Video Support Gallery for Polycom VVX-411 Business Phones

    New Video Support Gallery for Polycom VVX-411 Business Phones