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San Diego Internet Service Provider, ZTelco Upgrading Tower Sites to Tarana G1
31 Mar, 2023
by Marco Castillo, M.S.

Closing the Digital Divide: ZTelco and Tarana G1 Expand Internet Service in San Diego

New High-Tech Receivers Reveal Bright Future for Local Internet Service and Access

San Diego internet service provider, ZTelco, upgrading major tower sites with award-winning radio receivers, expanding internet service coverage throughout San Diego and Beyond.

Adding these receivers will improve connectivity for those already using ZTelco’s fiber internet network and will benefit surrounding businesses looking for faster internet options.

ZTelco’s Growing Internet Service Footprint

Tarana’s new G1 receivers offer the best in mobile macro-cellular radio access while making manual deployments easier than ever before.

Tarana greatly expands the reach of ZTelco’s current broadband network while reducing its reliance on traditional microwave fiber receivers.

Trees, interfering signals, longer distances, and other challenges are now becoming obsolete.

Each Tarana G1 system, consisting of a base node at a local tower site, is able to connect with up to 256 self-contained on-premises remote nodes.

Tarana internet service radios

These remote nodes are installed on customer rooftops throughout the city and powered over ethernet, eliminating the need for additional power sources or extra cabling installations.

The expanded range and capacity of Tarana’s G1 receivers is powerful enough to overcome many obstacles that would stop ordinary last-mile microwave receivers.

Ultra-Fast Installation

With an expanded range from multiple signal points, installation of each remote node will now be faster as Tarana Receivers only need to be pointed in the general direction of their local base node.

Installation of each node comes without complicated calibrations required by other receivers, making installation faster than ever before.

Internet Service and Reliability Improved

flexible internet service

The Tarana G1 system greatly reduces the impact of temporary visual obstructions by continuously adapting to real-time change. 

In the case of an existing connection interruption between a base node and a remote node, Tarana’s technology autonomously rebounds by relying on the existing connectivity of surrounding partner nodes. 

The Tarana G1 system offers unparalleled connectivity by creating a network of interconnected smart receivers throughout busy metro areas.

San Diego Internet Service and Beyond

On a mission to close the digital divide, Tarana has created a solution that resolves the limitations of modern internet connectivity. 

Tarana has gone on to win several awards for its efforts, including WISPA’s Manufacturer of the Year and Light Reading’s Most Innovative Broadband Access Solution award. 

Beyond San Diego, ZTelco is proud to bring Tarana’s Innovative G1 solution to Southern California to help businesses succeed where others have failed. 

Get Fiber Internet Service Installed

Today’s modern business consumes more data than ever before, relying on faster internet to run a variety of services from business phones, video conferencing software, and a variety of cloud services.

Contact ZTelco today to connect using with the most innovative enterprise-grade hardware capable of managing your digital workload.

Written by: Marco Castillo, MSGL

This article is written by Marco Castillo, Marketing Director of ZTelco Communications. Marco is a strategic content development expert and is a regular contributor to this blog. If you would like to become a guest contributor, please reach out to sales@ringplan.com with your contact information. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn to get regular updates.

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