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19 May, 2023
by Marco Castillo, M.S.

Top 3 Benefits of Collaborating on a Centralized Platform

As more companies adopt hybrid work policies with some employees still working from home, the need for flexible communication tools that are easy to use and keep communications centralized has become increasingly vital.

Efficiencies of Centralized Communications

Remote work can offer many benefits to the employee, including more flexibility and reduced costs of travel. However, it also presents certain challenges for the employer when it comes to company culture as communication and collaboration can take a hit.

A centralized platform like RingPlan can help overcome obstacles commonly experienced in remote work and hybrid work environments, but what are the benefits of centralizing communications anyways?

1. Ease of Communication

Effective communication is crucial in any workplace. But when a team is working remotely, it becomes even more important to centralize communications, whether phone, video, or some other technology. 

ZTelco’s RingPlan is a unified communication platform (UCaaS) that centralizes different services onto one platform, entire teams can log in to access tools like video conferencing, VoIP phone, text messaging, digital fax, and more. 

In a centralized platform Important assets like video meetings, voicemail, text messages, and fax messages are all stored in the same secure location, regardless of where employees work. Whether in the office or from home, they are calling from the same phone number, the same extension, they have the same caller ID, and manage their voicemail from one location. Customers can’t tell the difference and employees don’t have to rely on managing multiple services from multiple providers.

2. RingPlan Integrates Your Devices

Running a modern business cannot be accomplished from a desk alone as modern businesses require mobility to get things done. Picture your employees carrying their multi-line desk phones everywhere they go or using a laptop in traffic.

Today, employees are just as likely to launch meetings on the go.

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Office workers are choosing video conferencing technology to replace face-to-face meetings, and are calling from mobile devices more often for its convenience. They want the flexibility to work from their desk, or on the go. They need an app that can keep up with them without missing a beat.

Use RingPlan on:

  • Desk Phones
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers

Don’t want all the extra hardware cluttering up your desk? Using RingPlan on your computer is the perfect solution.

RingPlan Integrates with existing technologies too:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Salesforce
  • Existing CRM
  • +More

3. Improved Collaboration

Collaboration is a key factor for success in remote and hybrid work environments. The technology needs to be effective and easy to use in order to be adopted by your internal staff.

When it comes to video conferencing, all of the video conferencing tools a business would expect to see would need to be in place; tools like screen sharing, recording, raising hands, moderation tools, and calendar integrations. With RingPlan, these are all included.

Advanced Collaboration Tools – Live Broadcasting

With RingPlan, additional collaboration tools are included to push collaboration efforts to another level. With RingPlan, you can broadcast your video meetings live on YouTube. Does your company need a podcast? RingPlan live broadcasting may be for you as you can post video meetings as they happen. Perfect for sharing your video meetings without the need to record or edit footage.

Dial-in a Guest

With RingPlan, you can invite guests that are not on a computer by simply dialing them in on their desks or mobile phones. That’s right, RingPlan combines the best of VoIP phone technology and video conferencing by allowing phone guests to be added to active video meetings. 

RingPlan Video Conferencing is built on top of an advanced VoIP platform, meaning that although you can have hundreds of video meeting participants, voice is still prioritized, allowing you to use it to make outgoing calls, even from active video meetings.  

TIP: Did your guest miss your video meeting? Remind them by dialing them in on their mobile device. You’ll be able to connect via voice until they are able to join by video.

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Centralized communication platforms like RingPlan have become essential for remote and hybrid workers. Centralized platforms provide ease of communication and improved collaboration, making remote work more efficient and productive. RingPlan is a UCaaS service, meaning multiple services are running out of one safe and secure location that can be accessed from anywhere on the cloud. Users can log in and make calls, launch video conference meetings, send text messages, and even send digital fax. A unified platform offers the security a business needs to keep communications safe and secure. Businesses are able to keep voicemails, text messages, fax messages, and recorded video meetings in one place. Advanced collaboration tools are putting RingPlan on the forefront of innovation. Using RingPlan for video conferencing, users can take advantage of live broadcasting, and can even make outgoing calls from an active meeting. Try ringplan.com today and experience the benefits of effective unified communication.

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