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16 Mar, 2020
by Marco Castillo, M.S.

ZTelco is Meeting Today’s Challenges in Remote Work

For years ZTelco has been in the forefront by helping businesses find solutions for their most difficult communication needs.

Over the past 10 years we have been seeing a rise in the trend of professionals working from home.

One Gallup poll in 2017 cited 43% of surveyed professionals occasionally work from home (Gallup, 2017). Today this number has grown significantly and continues to grow rapidly as more and more businesses consider this as a viable option for their employees.

Health concerns with infectious disease, whether the common cold; the flu; or now, COVID-19 are further amplifying these concerns and are pushing employers for solutions in how to operate their business given these challenges. 

Remote Work Has Its Challenges

As a new business in 2006, ZTelco began serving small businesses. These companies were often based from residential units, they were growing, and needed access to advanced VoIP phone systems

Our phone solutions ensured these companies could provide a professional presentation and would help build trust with their customers. 

These businesses were able to function like a larger organization, able to manage multiple phone lines, while presenting a professional way to receive and route calls.

This trend would begin to shift from home based businesses to include employees who needed the option to work from home. The difference meant that multiple employees would now work remotely, connected to a central headquarters. 

Remote work has its challenges for both employer and employee. Employers need a way to communicate and track production. Employees need a comfortable space to work while staying on top of their daily communications. 

Regardless of the situation, communication is a top concern for all individuals. 

Ensuring communication can remain effective in the most professional manner during times of remote work is the new frontier for Today’s companies. 

Eventually, threats like COVID-19 will pass, and a company’s brand can remain in-tact. However, the changes this threat implies suggest that working from home will grow as an alternative and workers will choose it more often. Companies will adjust accordingly.

Internet and Phone Solutions

Customers considering remote work may be looking to upgrade their internet services to ensure the added demand of virtual work can be met. They will also need to be concerned with their employees’ internet connection being reliable and fast enough to keep up. 

Phone customers will consider options for calling from home. Some will rely on mobile phones, while others will want to avoid mobile devices altogether. Today, several apps exist that can help one communicate virtually. It will be up to employers to find a solution that can work for their entire team. 

For more professional and advanced organizations, professional multi-line VoIP phones will still be required. Properly provisioned, these phones can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Employees can just take the phones home and plug them in to start making calls. 

ZTelco’s ‘VoIP From Anywhere’ Solution

Remote workers rejoice when they hear they can make VoIP calls–identical to that of their desk phones–anywhere with an internet connection. Our softphone app solution allows customers to connect their mobile phones to their desk phone–extension and all–to turn their mobile device into a VoIP phone

Use your mobile device to manage multi-line calls, conference calls, forward calls, manage transfers and more. Connect your mobile device to your desk phone and ‘VoIP From Anywhere,’ just ask us how.

How Can We Help?

Because of amplified national health concerns, we know you may be considering the options of remote work, but may be worried about maintaining a seamless connection with your staff and customers in the process.

Contact us at sales@ztelco.com to learn about ways you can get the most out of your existing plan, or ways you can strengthen your current network for remote work.

remote work and working from home options

Written by: Marco Castillo, MSGL

This article is written by Marco Castillo, Marketing Director of ZTelco Communications. Marco is a strategic content development expert and is a regular contributor to this blog. If you would like to become a guest contributor, please reach out to sales@ringplan.com with your contact information. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn to get regular updates.

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