Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
29 Aug, 2019
by Marco Castillo

Moving Business Forward with an Advanced Phone System from ZTelco


In a time when technology allows us to instantly send a message a world away, business customers have become accustomed to seeing fast results.

The demand is pushing the markets towards better and faster internet and phone solutions to deal with todays' communications needs. One solution that evolved from this demand was the introduction of internet telephones into the business landscape. The possibilities that would be available from combining the reliability of voice with the flexibility of using internet as a voice protocol raised a lot of early interest. The interest would wain early on when internet phones were not as reliable as land-lines and cell phones. Customers of these early pioneers had to deal with the growing pains of an adolescent industry and often relied on pricey cell phone plans to supplement phone communications, or they simply settled for poor quality calls. These customers found themselves adapting their business practices to mediocre phone systems and hardware that could not keep up with business demand.

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ZTelco is Different

Past experiences have left many businesses disillusioned about the prospects of VoIP business telephone communications because of the unreliability they experienced early on in the infancy of this technology. Fortunate for them, the internet has evolved and is faster than ever. Only now can one take full advantage of the vast array of tools made available through a managed phone plan, given the added speed of today's internet. Tools such as call recording, time-based routing, multi-level auto attendant, voicemail transcription, international calling, and call monitoring are helping companies to optimize their support, sales, and marketing efforts at every level. 

Customers Need Options

In order to compete, our customers depend on us to provide expert tools and service to create a communication plan that works for them. Our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to business communications that results in a very fast signal and reliable telephone hardware. That is why customers have awarded us with a 5-star service rating over the past 15 years of service.

Get connected to the fastest wireless network around and move your business forward with an advanced phone system from ZTelco.

When life demands more from your business, rely on the Z, ZTelco.



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