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29 Aug, 2019
by ZTelco Business Communications

Moving Business Forward with an Advanced Phone System

The need for speed is pushing businesses towards better and faster tech, including phone systems.

Since the day of Alexander Graham Bell, the demand to innovate has been driving the development of new phone systems.

Combining phone hardware with internet connectivity gave early VoIP developers a lot to play with. They began creating new hardware and began adding useful features along the way to create something businesses could use.

Early pioneers had to deal with the growing pains of adolescent technology, so they settled for mediocre phone systems and hardware that could not keep up with their growing demands, but hardware alone was not to blame. With growing needs, a new type of phone system was needed and more internet options.

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A New Type of VoIP Phone System

Early experiences left many businesses disillusioned with VoIP phones because of the infancy of the technology and the lack of internet speeds needed to connect an entire office. But as speed increased, technologies evolved.

Today, the traditional model for work has changed. The demand is now for a unified solution to address things like remote employees working from home.

This evolution came in hand-in-hand with innovations in internet speeds with the introduction of fiber internet. Internet speeds early developers only dreamed of.

The combination of technology and speed fueled the development of truly useful tools that ultimately changed business phone communications forever.

Tools such as call recording, time-based routing, multi-level auto-attendant, voicemail transcription, international calling, and call monitoring are now helping companies optimize their support, sales, and marketing efforts at every level. 

Furthermore, companies like ZTelco are innovating with new approaches to business with the RingPlan phone system to now include phone, video conferencing, digital fax, text messaging, and more.

Customers Need More Customized Features

In order to compete, Customers depend on us to provide expert tools and services, but often they need an entire plan customized to meet their desired goals.

Our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to business communications.

Learn why customers have awarded us with a 5-star service rating over the years.

Get connected to the fastest network around and move your business forward with an advanced phone system from ZTelco.

When life demands more from your business, rely on ZTelco.

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