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30 Sep, 2021
by ZTelco Business Communications

Customer Status Reports—Subscribe to Get Real-Time Updates of Connectivity Issues in Your Area

Great news ZTelco and RingPlan customers! We are pleased to announce our new system status report page which allows you to get the latest network updates via email, text, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more. Visit our main page at ztelco.com and click the top-right link labeled “System Status” to view the report. From there you can also Subscribe to stay notified on any current network issues.

Easy Access to System Status Reports

ZTelco is constantly improving its network and part of these improvements now includes how we, as a company, communicate our system status with customers using our internet and phone services.

For several years, customers have been able to access system status reports via email, but many did not know how to access system status reports on other platforms.

Get system status updates via text message, Webhook, RSS feed, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Twitter

See how easily it is to subscribe using any of these great services.

status website

1. Go to our home page, click on the link “Status Reports” and you’ll be directed to our status reports dashboard.


2. Then, click on “Subscribe” to select how you would like to be notified.


System status notifications are a great way to stay informed in case of an emergency in your local area that may affect your service. 

ZTelco notifications are updated by system technicians on-location and in central command as soon as our system flags a critical system failure, notifying all affected customers. 

ZTelco saw the value in investing in a status report dashboard many years ago when we first launched our microwave-fiber broadband service and customers requested real-time notifications. Rather than just email, today customers have a choice in how they’re notified.

We recommend taking advantage and subscribing in various ways.

ZTelco customers have been fortunate to enjoy amazing uptime. Despite an occasional hiccup in the system, our network remains strong.

We Are Here For You

A few months ago, our largest data center in San Diego suffered a critical power surge. It was caused by a vehicle taking out both a city water main and electrical power grid. 

The resulting power surge affected several local providers, but ZTelco was one of the first to fully recover. 

That is because ZTelco has strong redundancy efforts. Critical equipment that was damaged by the accident was on-hand and was replaced the same day.

Although several of our customers were affected, those who signed up to receive our notifications in various ways were kept up-to-date of the situation. 

ZTelco’s up-time continues to hover in the 99.99%, despite this recent incident. We have learned from it and have been working since then to strengthen our network.


ZTelco has developed a status alert system for customers to subscribe to in the event of network failure in their location. Customers can subscribe in various ways including email, text, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhook, and RSS feed. Despite an occasional hiccup, the ZTelco network remains strong with a 99.99% uptime.

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