Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
20 May, 2019
by Marco Castillo

Property Managers Avoiding Expensive Construction Cost

Property managers hate the idea of unnecessary construction happening on their property and will do anything to avoid it. Granted, certain construction is necessary to improve or repair underground pipes, sewer systems, electrical components. Property managers are willing to put up with this type of construction because it will benefit their properties, but unless the construction work includes a new coat of asphalt for the entire property, the signs of construction are obvious. The result is broken, uneven streets, obvious patchwork, and can lead to potholes and unhappy residents. 

Today residents demand more and property managers are expected to deliver. They work hard to make sure their properties are clean and well maintained, but when construction damage is evident, there is very little a manager can do to clean it up. So what is the best solution? Avoiding construction all-together. 

Construction-Free Internet Install for Large Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Not everyone knows that wireless internet even exists as an option. Large telecom companies who have invested heavily in wired solutions over the decades continue to sell the same solution and are not inclined towards change. Property managers have come to expect a certain amount of pain when negotiating with data companies and reluctantly sign to their agreements. What property managers can really benefit from is information on alternative options. 

Fixed Microwave Data Transport

Internet and phone services via Fixed Microwave Data Transport is changing the game and is providing fiber broadband communications to properties previously under-served by the traditional voice and data companies. In the past, if a property were outside of a serviceable area, the data company would be most likely to deny service. If the area looked promising, they may invest in order to provide a wired solution to the region (they would need a lot more than one customer requesting coverage for this to happen). Inevitably, these companies pass along the cost to their customer through monthly incremental fees.

So how does that make you feel when you open your bill at the end of the month. Your bill could be significantly lower if it wasn't for the expensive price of expansion. 

Here's Our Opportunity to Shine

Ever since our founding, ZTelco has seen the needs of commercial and residential clients grow. We were early adopters of Fixed Microwave technology for ultra fast voice and data transfer. By placing no-destructive fixed-microwave towers in strategic locations, we can extend our fiber broadband speeds to nearly every neighborhood in Southern California. Our data transmits in a straight line-of-sight signal from location to location without the jitter or delay caused by wired transmission. This allows ZTelco to offer speeds currently unavailable to most. 

What is a Property Manager to Do? 

Considering the cost savings from avoiding construction, you would be surprised by how much you could save and how fast your property could be connected to San Diego's ultimate wireless fiber broadband network. Be sure to download our Building Installation Guide for Property Managers to get more details on getting connected. You could qualify for one free month of internet service. Fill out the following form to get started.


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