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21 Dec, 2020
by ZTelco Business Communications

Property Managers Are Upgrading Residential Buildings – New Network Infrastructure for the New Year

With the end of the year coming to a close, many building managers are looking for ways to improve their properties in the new year. 

At the beginning of the year, many property owners and managers begin to plan for property improvements. This is especially the case with the large number of residential tenants now working from home.

This may be a perfect time to consider upgrading the property’s network and data infrastructure. 

Upgrading a Building’s Network Infrastructure

Property managers considering making improvements to their buildings often need to consider the cares and needs of building owners and building care committees responsible for representing tenants.

Sometimes a change cannot happen without a decision by committee. That is why ZTelco seeks to help property managers communicate the needs of modern tenants working from home with a downloadable Property Manager Presentation. 

Internet and phone communications from home have never been so important. Download the Property Manager Presentation to help communicate with investors, committees, stakeholders, and others the need your tenants are facing. Use this presentation to communicate the reason to upgrade your building’s network, internet access, phones, security, access control, and more. 

Download the Presentation  

In this presentation you will have access to ZTelco’s Building Installation Guide. Use this guide to learn about the installation process from beginning to end. 

You’ll learn about our drill-free installation process, the time it takes, the equipment needed, and more. 

Download the Presentation

Once downloaded, property managers can expect to receive a call and an email to answer any questions they may have about upgrading a residential building’s network infrastructure.

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