Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
5 Jun, 2019
by Marco Castillo

Why Your Super-Fast Internet is Super-Slow

Although fiber communications travelat the speed of light, delay and jitter are introduced when traveling through underground glass fiber cabling.

The notion that fiber cables carry communications at the speed of light needs to be revisited. Internet service providers tout fiber speeds as the future or business, and will tell you about the benefits of communication at the speed of light. How sales people compose their fiber pitch makes it sound as if one would benefit from light speeds only through expensive fiber installation.

wifi-hotspot_images_1200x675Although the speed of light is an absolute, traveling at about 300 million meters per second, when traveling through glass, that speed slows down to a fraction of its original speed. The photon is delayed. In the case of fiber, a photon will lose approximately 33% of its speed when bouncing around and zig-zagging its way through the fiber cable. When you introduce miles and miles of cabling, with multiple nodes and relay points due to city infrastructure, you'd be surprised by how much speed you can lose. Our research indicates that up to 66% of your internet speed can be lost due to underground glass fiber cabling. 

Your connection speed relies on communications going back and forth on a busy network. This means your connection speed can be twice as slow as the delay introduced by glass. 

Not all Network Speeds are the Same

Learn about how ZTelco eliminates jitter and delay caused by under and above-ground wiring. See below to learn about how we are able to offer the top internet speeds around by simply avoiding the city infrastructure and allowing the fiber signal to travel in a straight line. Want to learn more, see the graphic below and make sure to watch the video.


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