Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
28 Apr, 2020
by Marco Castillo, MSGL

ZTelco Launches a Powerful, Cloud-based Phone System Called RingPlan

In a time when business demand more flexibility in how they communicate, ZTelco responds by launching a powerful, cloud-based phone system called RingPlan. 

Managing a phone system can be a difficult and time consuming task. ZTelco launches the beta version of a new cloud-based phone system that is easy to use, quick to launch, and supports remote teams working from home. The sign-up process cuts provisioning time to only minutes, while giving customers full control of how they use their phones. Customers are now taking ownership of their phone communications, adapting to remote work, and eliminating expensive bills and long-term contracts.

Users can start with a free account with no commitments and can begin adding users immediately after provisioning is complete. 

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