Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
16 Jul, 2020
by Marco Castillo, M.S.

ZTelco Solves Difficult Problems in Difficult Times

During difficult times, businesses need to keep moving forward. ZTelco understands that the last thing customers need during difficult times is a slow response from our customer support staff. That's why ZTelco strives to keep businesses moving forward with a fast response time.

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Even with all the issues everyone was having working remotely, Jake was able to keep a positive attitude. He didn't rush me off the phone and was detailed in explaining what he was doing.


I wasn't expecting to get this resolved as quickly as I did.  It was Sunday and with many businesses being in disarray from the health scare, I was certain this would take a day or so to be fixed.  Excellent and fast customer service! —Tim

I cannot give enough praise for the help I received. It's an unprecedented time and there are so many things we are all trying to deal with and Eric (forgive me if I'm not remembering the name right) was fantastic. Huge thanks!  —Susan