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7 Nov, 2019
by Support ZTelco

ZTelco’s Winning Strategy Begins with Customer Service

“Without satisfied customers, we wouldn’t have a very successful business,” says Jake Hansen, President of ZTelco Communications. 

This sentiment is what drives ZTelco to provide better business services than many others on the market. Unlike other providers who may see their customer base only as an upsell opportunity, ZTelco works hard to develop relationships with our customers in order to truly understand their needs, expectations, and most importantly, their goals.

It doesn’t matter if they are a small, medium, or large company, our customers enjoy feeling like they are our only customer.

Why would ZTelco work toward building customer relationships in a time when automation and outsourcing seems to be taking over? Because customers demand better service today, and they want to talk to somebody who understands them and where they’re going.

They don’t want to talk to a machine, and they definitely don’t want to talk to somebody overseas about their local needs. They want someone who they can trust to provide reliable and innovative solutions, faster speeds, and highly responsive services. We believe it so much so, we built our business around these principles and values.

…customers demand better service today, and they want to talk to somebody who understands them and where they’re going.

It’s in Our Core Values


Established Trust – ZTelco has been serving businesses in Southern California since 2006. We have had the amazing opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes and have learned that Trust is their main concern when choosing a service provider. Individuals are trusting their phone and internet service providers with their business. They want to work with someone they know can deliver on what they promise and will be there tomorrow to help them grow.

Reliable Quality – ZTelco partners with the most trusted hardware providers and network partners in the industry. Good service can be compromised by cheap hardware so we only work with enterprise-quality hardware, and have partnered with industry leaders to offer our customers added value.


Innovative Solutions – ZTelco develops scalable solutions for customers’ difficult problems. Our approach is unique because it is built from scratch. Seeking to help our customers achieve more, we were inclined to build our own network and we built it according to our specifications. The result is a flexible and scalable network that helps customers experience some of the fastest speeds available and some of the highest quality voice communications ever experienced on a VoIP phone.

Faster Speeds – Faster is Always Better! ZTelco’s wireless network transmits data faster than traditional fiber. You may be thinking, “How is this possible if fiber is supposed to allow for communication at the speed of light?” Because miles of underground cabling and network infrastructure means network signals have to travel a lot further, and transmission is slowed down by the cable itself. Our solution sends your fiber signal through the air, in a straight line. Our research suggest that our signal is over 60% faster than traditional fiber.


Responsive Service – ZTelco provides quick and attentive support when you need it. Our customer support line is open 24/7 and is staffed with network professionals who take the time to actively listen to customer problems, to provide effective solutions over the phone, and can dispatch a network technician quickly to get problems solved on-site. Our mean time to repair (MTTR) is under 4 hours, this means that if a problem arises, it will be solved quickly that same day. Can you say that about your current provider?

It’s in Our Reviews

Over the past 15 years, ZTelco has gained thousands of customers and has earned a 5-star rating in the process. We continually survey our customers to ensure their meets are met after every interaction with our support staff. We hear great stories and get amazing compliments in the process. Our customers simply enjoy being listened to, feeling cared for, and appreciate that we are not just seeing them as up-sell opportunities. Learn more about us.

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Now that we are entering a new phase of our business, we are thankful for each and every customer that has made this journey worthwhile. We look forward to the next 15 years with you.

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