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23 May, 2022
by Marco Castillo, M.S.

Introducing New Phone Automation Technology – RingPlan Business Phone Plans

ZTelco has launched a new cloud-based phone system equipped with the automation tools needed to gain a competitive advantage while saving money and optimizing time.

ZTelco Built One Smart System Called RingPlan

Driven by the headaches involved with managing multiple services and devices at the same time, we are integrating phone, video, text, and fax into one platform.

RingPlan by ZTelco-cobranded-01

After all, outperforming competing businesses requires you to have the best tools for the job.

Saving money in the process is an added advantage, but having everything working together and saving time can make a real difference for businesses with over-burdened call centers. 

Save Time With RingPlan Phone Automation 


Saving Time is an Added Advantage—Integrating Business Tools + Automation 

Automation provides the agility a business needs to move faster and save time. Can your phone system keep up? 

cloud phone system opens the doors to automation processes made only possible with the advent of VoIP communications.  

New RingPlan customers work with our onboarding team to build custom dial plans that optimize call flows according to business needs, discovering time-saving opportunities at every turn.


Optimized call operations alone can save hundreds of hours in wasted time, but combined with Sidecar Automation, can provide a competitive advantage, regardless of business size.

Business Phone Automation – Introducing RingPlan Sidecar

ZTelco’s RingPlan phone app now gives users access to automation functionality in an easy-to-use, programmable automation feature called RingPlan Sidecar. 

Customers can use RingPlan sidecar to program their own phone automation sequences and launch them at any time, during, or after a call. 

Users can choose from functions like hold, transfer, conference, pause, merge, hangup, send a message, and more.

Create up to 48 custom sequences for various needs. See the full list here.

business automation phone strategies

Create Your Own Custom Phone Shortcuts and Automated Phone Sequences

Learn about RingPlan Sidecar for Automatically Navigating Call Menus

Agile Business Growth with RingPlan CRM Integrations

Modern businesses, both big and small, manage their business with business management software such Microsoft Teams and Salesforce.  

RingPlan integrates with this and many other softwares. 

Make Calls Directly From Your Favorite CRM, Learn How 

Use your favorite CRM to track calls and create your own call reports, or use RingPlan’s native reporting tools to examine call data. 

A CRM integration has the potential of making businesses more effective and easy to manage by providing one central hub of communication.


Perfect for Remote or Hybrid Work Teams


When building into legacy systems, RingPlan manages the testing required to ensure that the system works in accordance with service level agreements (SLA).

Set Up Your Business for Growth 

By setting up these tools, not only are you better preparing your business to compete with larger organizations, you are setting up your business for future growth.

Every Decision that Affects a Small Business is a Big Decision


Something like adopting a new phone system with new tools can seem risky to owners that have been burnt in the past. This is the case even when the need for technological advancement is obvious.

ZTelco operates with a mindset focused on providing unrivaled customer service, regardless if users are looking for a small business phone plan or an enterprise phone plan, and we are continuously improving.

The RingPlan business phone system is a testament to that mission. 

We seek to eliminate the fear associated with switching phone providers. Looking for a new VoIP phone provider is scary when you’ve already had a bad experience elsewhere.

Experience the ZTelco Difference – Request a RingPlan Demo Today

Written by: Marco Castillo, MSGL

This article is written by Marco Castillo, Marketing Director of ZTelco Communications. Marco is a strategic content development expert and is a regular contributor to this blog. If you would like to become a guest contributor, please reach out to sales@ringplan.com with your contact information. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn to get regular updates.

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