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15 Jul, 2019
by ZTelco Business Communications

Connect Your Building with Fiber Broadband and Get a Free WiFi Hotspot

For a limited time, on qualifying plans, ZTelco is offering new customers a free WiFi hotspot when they install ZTelco fiber broadband in their property.

This special offer allows building owners and property managers to provide their tenants with the fastest fiber broadband, while also connecting spaces like a lobby, gym, or outdoor space. 

Your Tenants Demand More, Looking for Fiber Broadband

Today’s tenants demand fast internet and better phone service. Rather than letting your tenants hire their own internet and phone providers, be sure to include a top-rated fiber option in your building before they move in. Ask about our install guide.

Avoid the complications and damage that can arise from having multiple providers entering your building for multiple installations and maintenance.

Working with only one broadband provider makes this easy, and you can get a free hotspot in the process.

Broadband, It’s All About the Network

ZTelco’s blazing fast internet speeds are possible because instead of relying on underground cabling, we have spent over 10 years developing our very own wireless network that connects our customers directly to the closest fiber internet source.

Additionally, our network makes it possible to attain symmetrical downloads and upload speeds for maximum efficiency. Our internet speed is up to 66% faster than the fastest ‘wired’ competitor because the data on our microwave fiber network travels at the speed of light, in straight lines, completely avoiding miles of zig-zagging cabling. 

Is Your Building Fiber-Enabled?

Connect to fiber broadband speeds without paying for expensive construction costs. Get a wireless microwave transmitter installed on your rooftop today and cut the cable. The ZTelco Network is growing every day as buildings like yours connect to the fastest local internet

Prevent the Leaky Rooftops from Bad Installs

Our rooftop mounts do not require any drilling into your roof. Unlike other service providers, we do not cause damage to your buildings. Our rooftop mounts are held down by gravity and can be easily repositioned.

Only work with one service provider to save your building.

Contact us today and ask about your free hotspot and install guide. 

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