Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
18 Jul, 2019
by Marco Castillo, MSGL

ZTelco is at ComicCon

We are excited to once again represent ZTelco at the 2019 ComicCon here in beautiful San Diego the best way we know how, through our fiber network. 

Did you know that ZTelco has connected some of the most prominent vendors with ultra-fast internet and VOIP solutions over the past five years? Yeah, it’s pretty cool. 

This year, we are the official San Diego internet provider for one of your favorite social media giants, one of the biggest and most exciting attendees as they promote registration and usage of their app in what has come to be the biggest pop-culture celebration experience in the entire world. 

For Heavy Data Usage

temporary-wifi-internet-for-eventsThis year Snapchat is using their app to promote fun and interactive filters and games such as a downtown scavenger hunt. Users navigate the maze of vendors and the greater community, sharing memorable events with the rest of the world. We are helping to make sure the thousands of users who will be visiting their booth and using the application at the same time during this event do so at blazing fast internet speeds for optimum brand and event engagement. 

During an event like ComicCon, usage peaks as thousands of individuals in the immediate and surrounding areas bombard the various WiFi networks in the immediate vicinity. When your entire event strategy relies on your users being able to connect in real time, you need the fastest internet for events you can get without having to worry about your connection suffering delays due to high data usage.  

How Are We Doing It?

For this multi-day event, we have installed temporary event bandwidth for multiple locations up to 1 Gig of symmetrical speed.  To accomplish this, we have literally built a temporary network, which we take down at the end of the event once everyone has gone home.  Since the radio receivers we use are mobile, we can deliver bandwidth to unconventional locations such as a boat, or the lawn of the San Diego children’s museum.  We can rapidly deploy and take these down almost anywhere. Temporary bandwidth for ComicCon events depends on having a solid network and a team of dedicated employees who are willing to go the extra mile, working long hours under tight time constraints.  With every event, and especially ComicCon, the stakes are high and you only get one chance to get it right.  

Dedicated Circuits for a Reliable Connection

Providing a dedicated circuit has allowed this booth to offer full interactivity without delay, often caused by many people sharing a network connection at the same time. Our client will not have to worry about jitter or signal delay because they are on a dedicated circuit with 1Gb of data. Connectivity will not be an issue of concern at this booth. We look forward to a successful event this weekend and look forward to serving convention center guests for future events. 

Contact us to if you are looking for similar data solutions at your next convention.